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6 Ways to SHOP at Sunrise Orchards in 2020!

6 Ways to SHOP at Sunrise Orchards in 2020!

Did you know there are SIX WAYS TO SHOP AT SUNRISE ORCHARDS THIS YEAR?  Plus, we're offering 3 NEW ways to order products, in addition to shopping inside Sunrise Orchards, ordering at our online store 24/7 – 365 days a year and ordering gift boxes!

DRIVE UP SERVICE: On weekends, we’ll offer a drive-up service, on the east end of our building. To order, complete this order form. Return the form by email, phone, fax or mail. Checks and credit cards will be accepted. A limited selection of products will be available. This service will be offered weekends September 19-October 25. To pick up your order, complete the Sunrise Orchards Drive-Up Order Form.

SUNRISE APPLE MALL: On weekends from late September through mid-October, we’ll have boxes of Number 2 Grade apples available to purchase outside, under or near our tent, on the west end of the building. Payment is to be made outside.  Masks required. 

HOME DELIVERY APPLES: We’re offering home delivery of your favorite apples this year during peak season. This is available to those in the SpeeDee Delivery area (WI, IA, IL, MN, SD, ND). To order, print this order form. Return the form to us by calling, faxing, emailing or mailing it in. This service will be offered August 31- October 19. For more details, see the Sunrise Orchards Home Deliver Order Form.

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