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EverCrisp® Apples Available Starting Today Oct 21, 2020!

EverCrisp® Apples Available Starting Today Oct 21, 2020!

Welcome in our newest and favorite apple - the EverCrisp®!  It's firm, crunchy, sweet and juicy.  It combines the best of its parents Honeycrisp and Fuji apples.  It's a yummy apple that holds a powerful crunch.  Great for eating out of hand, in raw preparations and salads and excellent for baking.  

Its name EverCrisp® says it all... crisp for a long time.  Delicious in late October yet stored in your refrigerator, it gets even better in January and February.  Plus, it maintains its sweetness and firmness.   The perfect treat for a holiday celebration.  An ideal snack for a healthy New Year.  We think you'll agree it's a fantastic apple!

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