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Evercrisp Weekend Nov. 7-8th!

Evercrisp Weekend Nov. 7-8th!

Welcome in our NEWEST & FAVORITE apple the Evercrisp!  Great in November but even better stored in your refrigerator until January, February and March.  Some say this is way better than Honeycrisp.   Special pricing on Evercrisp number 2 grade apples!  Available in half peck bags and 18-pound bags. 

Want to sample an Evercrisp apple before purchasing some?  Simply ask one of our employees and they'll give you an Evercisp apple to eat outside (due to Covid-19 restrictions) before purchasing some.  

Tee Shirt Give Away!  Sign up to win a new special edition Evercrisp Tee-Shirt!  One shirt will be given away on Saturday and another on Sunday.  The shirts will be mailed to the winners and you don't need to be present to win. 

Enjoy a Queens apple this weekend which will be made from an Evercrisp apple!

Be sure to store Evercrisp apples in your refrigerator for a super delicious apple in January, February and March!  It's a long-keeping apple and tastes even better - later. 

Plus, the Apple Corner Bakery has freshly made apple cider donuts and cookies available daily.  Some say our donuts are a legend.  We’ll also have a good large selection of your favorite apples!  

Kid's coloring contest!  We'll be giving away four $50.00 Sunrise Orchards gift certificates to four individuals.  Deadline is Monday, December 7, 2020 

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GIFT BOXES: Time to order your gift boxes - order online or call us.  Sunrise Orchards apple boxes are shipped each Monday beginning October 19th through December 14th.

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