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Honeycrisp are in stock Friday September 4th!

Honeycrisp are in stock Friday September 4th!

Our Honeycrisp apples will be in stock Friday September 4th - December 18! We know you've been waiting for them!!  They arrived earlier than expected due to the warmer weather.  Stop in and shop early.  Plus, take advantage of our BOGO on Paula Red apples.  It’s a FANTASTIC value!! 

How do you use Honeycrisp apples?  Honeycrisp apples crisp texture makes them shine in raw preparations; eating out-of-hand, diced and added to coleslaw and chopped salads; or sliced thin and added to sandwiches and burgers.  They maintain their sweet flavor even when cooked.  Try baked into a crisp or pie.  Remove the skin and slow cook slices to make applesauce, preserves and apple butter.  Honeycrisp apples are great for eating, pie, sauce, baking and freezing.  

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