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Labor Day BOGO SALE on Paula Reds Now through Monday Sept. 7th!

Labor Day BOGO SALE on Paula Reds Now through Monday Sept. 7th!

Take advantage of Sunrise Orchards Labor Day Sale,  Wednesday Sept.  2nd - Monday Sept. 7th!  Buy one 18 pound box of Paula Red apples for $14.00, get the second one FREE and save!  What a FANTASTIC value!  

We love Paula Reds because they taste great!  Not too sweet; not too tart.  Great for eating and cooking.  Perfect for applesauce because breaks down quickly.  Use in pies when combined with firmer varieties and thickener.  Buy one box for yourself, and keep the other box or give away to friends or the elderly, or freeze them.  Be sure to refrigerate apples to keep them nicer longer.  Senior Shopping DAILY from 8 am - 9 am.  Regular hours DAILY 9 am - 5 pm.  

Do apples need to be refrigerated? 

Apples keep longest in the refrigerator held at 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit. So, keep them in the coolest part of the refrigerator. They do best in an environment with 90% humidity and unfortunately the refrigerator is a natural dehydrator, which means apples can even shrivel up. Therefore, store your apples in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator, with a wet sponge or wet paper towel, in the crisper.  They can be stored with or without the plastic bag.

If you’re planning to use your apples within a week and you don’t have that much space in your refrigerator, then store them on the counter. After that, they need to be refrigerated.

How do you freeze apples?

Freezing apples for use in cooking and baking, is a great way to keep apples fresh – all year long.  Any apple will keep well in the freezer however for 6-9 months. The texture of the apple, will be altered by freezing, leaving the flesh spongier than that of a fresh apple. That change in texture, doesn’t affect cooking and baking applications. How you freeze them, depends on how they’ll be used later.

Peel, core and slice apples. Use later by the handful or bagful, in any cooked recipes. Pies, muffins, cobblers and even applesauce, can be made from frozen apples. Use a swivel peeler or a sturdy slicer/corer, make peeling so much easier.

Once sliced, dip the apples in a bowl of water with a little lemon juice stirred in (about a tablespoon per gallon) to prevent browning.

To prevent clumping, arrange slices on a plate or baking tray lined with parchment or waxed paper. Pre-freeze the apple slices between 4 hours – 24 hours, before bagging them in airtight containers or freezer bags. Date and label contents. They can be frozen for up to 1 year.

Discover when our apple varieties are ready for sale, sold out, and their best use, by clicking on the Apple Availability link here:

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