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2021 Event Calendar

2021 Event Calendar

2021 Season: August 16 - December 23

Join us for our 2021 Sunrise Orchards events this year!  There are fun activities for children of all ages.  In addition to our scheduled events, children and their families may enjoy the Apple Corral swings, lawn bowling and the lawn checker board and more!  For the family pet, our dog walk park is a well-liked stop.  There's something for everyone at Sunrise Orchards!    On the last day of our season December 23rd we'll be closing at noon. We look forward to seeing you this season!




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   Betsey Jane Doroghazi
6 days ago

Great events! Excited to be back at the orchard.

   Jackie Frost
6 days ago

Love Sunrise. Come every year the first week of October. We don't even go to another apple orchard as Sunrise has everything we want. See you in October. I just see you had a coupon for Sept but not October.

Sunrise Orchard Response:

We are looking forward to seeing you at Sunrise this October!  Be sure to check out the Events Calendar to see what's happening at the orchard when you are planning your trip.  Our coupon is in our annual postcard and is only for use in the early season.  We do have specials throughout the season so check back here for those before you leave home.  

   Kraig A Oppriecht
6 days ago

Can't wait for the apple season!

   Helen Mains
4 days ago

Do you know when the Cortland apple will be available? A couple years ago you had a new apple variety, not sure of the name but I think it had "snow" in its name. Did it prove to be a good apple?

Thank You,


Sunrise Orchard Response:

Cortland apples typically are available mid September.  We recommend checking our ripening dates and availability page which provides up-to-date information as the season progresses.  

Snow Sweet is the apple you're asking about.  It's a great sweet apple!  It has a white flesh.  You can read more about Snow Sweet and its uses here: 


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