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Latest Honeycrisp Update

The 2021 Honeycrisp apples have already sold out which is much earlier than in previous years.  They were very popular this year!  We look forward to a full crop and season long availability with the 2022 crop. 





Heritage of the Honeycrisp 

The Honeycrisp is our prize apple, you could say the "apple of our eye" (although we enjoy our other varieties also). Honeycrisp was introduced in 1991. It is a hybrid cross of the Macoun and the Honeygold. The Honeycrisp apple is characterized by an extremely crisp and juicy texture. This is an apple that pleases all of the senses. It has excellent storage capabilities and the outstanding flavor and texture can be maintained for months - if refrigerated.  Honeycrisp is unique in that it requires storage at 38 degrees whereas most other apples keep best at 33.




From planting to harvesting
From planting to harvesting


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