Apple Blossom Report April 29, 2022

Apple Blossom Report April 29, 2022

Another cold week has held back apple blossom development.  Right now the buds are in what we call the quarter inch green tip stage

Warmer weather is surely on the way when millions of beautiful apple blossoms will be on display. 

Keep checking in for weekly, then daily updates as bloom approaches.  

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2 years ago

Can people walk through the orchard at Apple blossom time? Are there food trucks available?

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Thanks for your questions and we apologize we are only now seeing them. We had a glitch on our website that prohibited us from seeing them until now.  We have 8 foot deer fencing around all our orchards and don't permit customers to be inside the fence.  The orchards are a very busy place to be with tractors, equipment, workers and even bees and only our employees are permitted in the orchards. 

Driving by the orchards is the best way to view the apple blossoms as their best seen from a distance.  We take photos of the apple blossoms and put them on the blog and in our photo gallery on the website.  Here's a photo from previous years. 

Each year apple blossom can come at different times of the years depending on the weather and growing conditions.  So we can never predict exactly when it will be here.  We don't make an event out of spring blossom.  You're welcome to take photos and drive by to enjoy!  

Apple trees blossoming May 2020  

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