Apple Cider Donuts Made DAILY + Delicious Apple Cider Available!

Apple Cider Donuts Made DAILY + Delicious Apple Cider Available!
Apple Cider Donuts Made DAILY + Delicious Apple Cider Available!

Apple Cider Donuts

Sunrise Orchards, where apple cider donuts are the star of the show! Whether you prefer them sugared or plain, our donuts are a must-try treat. Renowned for their mouthwatering flavor, these donuts are what we're known for.

Grab a dozen or more of our delectable apple cider donuts to enjoy at home. They freeze beautifully and can be easily warmed up for a delicious snack anytime. And if you can't wait, why not indulge in a warm donut while you explore our charming orchard?

Sunrise Orchards Apple Cider

A trip to Sunrise Orchards wouldn’t be complete without taking home a half gallon or gallon, of our fresh pressed delicious Sunrise Orchards Apple Cider!  Pressed here at our Orchards, our apple cider is made from at least three varieties of our hand-picked apples.  Our customers tell us they can “taste the difference!”  Our cider is simple – it’s pressed apples from our orchards – no water or concentrate here.  We’re committed to giving you the best-tasting cider! 

Enjoy it cold, over ice, or drink it hot or mulled with spices.  Any way you serve it, it’s smooth and delicious!  You’re sure to love it.

We offer two Sunrise Orchards Apple Cider options:


Don't miss out on this incredible offer!  McIntosh, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Jonagold and Snowsweet are on the BOGO sale through December 22nd at Noon OR while supplies last! You'll get twice the apples for the price of one!  


HURRY Honeycrisp, Cameo, Empire & EverCrisp FANS:  Get 20% off these favorite Number 2 Grade Apple Boxes...through December 22nd at Noon OR while supplies last!

But that's not all we have to offer. At Sunrise Orchards, there's something for the whole family to enjoy. Check out our website to see the current availability of apples and other products. From our apple corral swings to lawn bowling and lawn checkerboard, our Sunrise Family Park is filled with endless fun. Your furry friends will also have a blast at our dog walk park.

So gather your loved ones and pay us a visit. We can't wait to welcome you to Sunrise Orchards, where there's always an apple-filled adventure waiting for you!


November 1 - December 21: 9am - 4pm DAILY (closed Thanksgiving Day)

Last Day of Season: Dec 22nd 9 am – Noon

Senior Shopping: 8am - 9am DAILY

Retail Season 8/14/2023 - 12/22/2023

Online Store open 24/7 - 365 Days

Gift Certificates & Gift Boxes Available!

Sunrise Orchards

48340 State Hwy 171

Gays Mills, WI 54631


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