Caramel Apple Celebration Oct 15th -16th

Caramel Apple Celebration Oct 15th -16th

What do we like about caramel apples? Everything, right?!

This weekend enjoy a special treat – our JUMBO plain caramel apples will be available this weekend only.

Each day beginning Labor Day thru October we offer our large Sunrise caramel apples which are hand-dipped in thick warm caramel and offered in plain or rolled in crushed peanuts.

The crisp apple with chewy, sweet caramel is a timeless mouthwatering combination! Enjoy!

On Saturday October 15th from 9 am - 5 pm, you'll be able to sample a large variety of American Beer Bread products and teas!


How do you know when your favorite apples are in stock?  Visit:

Discover when our apple varieties are ready for sale, sold out, and their uses.  When planning a trip to the orchard for a specific variety of apples, it is always best to call  us at 608-735-4645 ahead to make sure they are available.

Bring your family out to enjoy our Sunrise Family Park. 

Our lawn checkers game is sure to please the entire family and our horse tire swings at the Sunrise Corral are always a favorite  Lawn bowling lanes are set up for your fun.  Plus, pick out your favorite pre-picked pumpkins, next to the play area. 

Sunrise Orchards Dog Walk Area 

For the family pet, our Sunrise Memorial Dog Walk Park, is a designated area to walk your dog.  We all love our pets and want them to enjoy a trip to our orchard as well.  Located on the east-end of the building; the east parking lot provides easy accessibility to the dog walk park.   Follow the signs!


AUG 15 - OCT 31: 9am - 5 pm ~ NOV 1 - DEC 22: 9am - 4 pm ~  DEC 23: 9 am - Noon

Senior Shopping: 8am - 9am  (Closed Thanksgiving)

Sunrise Orchards, Inc.

48340 State Hwy 171
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