Cortland Apples Are in Stock Now!

Cortland Apples Are in Stock Now!

Cortland Apples Are in Stock!


Great all-purpose apple!  Cortland apples are juicy, crisp and have sweet-and-tart flavors.  Terrific baking apple for apple pies, cobblers, crisps, apple butter and apple sauce! 

Delicious eaten fresh - salads, kabobs, fruit plates, garnishes, cheese plates and freezing. Cortland apples don't brown and discolor quickly after peeling as rapidly as most apple varieties, making it a good choice for raw preparations.  

This heirloom apple was a cross between a Ben Davis and a McIntosh. The variety has been cultivated for the past 100 years, originating in Geneva, New York in 1898.  


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2 years ago

How much are your boxes of seconds?

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Thank you for your questions.  Please call the orchard directly 608-735-4545  for pricing information.  Thank you!

We are having  BOGO SALE on ALL Number 2 Grade apple varieties October 22nd & 23rd - 9 am - 5 pm.  

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