Fuji Apples Available - A True Crowd Pleaser

Fuji Apples Available - A True Crowd Pleaser


Sunrise Orchards presents our delicious and versatile Fuji apples, a true crowd-pleaser with their remarkable sweetness and gentle tartness. Bite into the crisp, juicy flesh of a Fuji apple and experience the perfect snack that satisfies your cravings.

Not only are Fuji apples a treat all on their own, but they also shine in a variety of culinary creations. Slice them for a delightful addition to salads or use them in your favorite baking recipes. You'll be amazed at how little sugar is needed when making Fuji applesauce, allowing the natural sweetness of the fruit to take center stage.

Explore the endless possibilities of cooking with Fuji apples. Roast, bake, sauté, or simmer them into a delectable sauce, bringing a burst of flavor to your dishes. Elevate your pizza game by topping it with thin slices of Fuji apples or give your quiche a unique twist by layering them inside. For a truly comforting option, chop, and slow-cook chunks of Fuji apples to create jams, soups, or compotes that will warm your heart and delight your taste buds.

Even after being cooked, Fuji apples retain their delightful sweetness, making them a perfect addition to baked desserts such as pies, strudels, and crisps. The versatility of Fuji apples knows no bounds, ensuring that every dish you create will be infused with their incredible flavor.

Originally developed in Japan in the 1930s, Fuji apples have soared in popularity and have become the preferred choice of apple lovers worldwide. Since their introduction to the U.S. market in 1962, the demand for Fuji apples has skyrocketed, making them a must-have for anyone seeking a taste sensation.

At Sunrise Orchards, we take pride in offering you the finest Fuji apples available. We ensure that they are carefully grown, harvested, and available for you at the peak of their flavor and freshness. Treat yourself to the sweetness and versatility of Fuji apples and let your culinary creativity soar. Experience these incredible apples and see why they have captured the hearts of apple enthusiasts everywhere.


Eating, Pie, Sauce, Baking, Freezing, Jelly, and Salads

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Keep in mind, that these are approximate harvest dates and weather is a very important factor, as to when the apples are harvested and available to purchase. You are welcome to contact us, by telephone regarding availability, before making a trip out to Sunrise Orchards.

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