How Do You Stay Up To Date With All the Exciting News and Updates From Sunrise Orchards?

How Do You Stay Up To Date With All the Exciting News and Updates From Sunrise Orchards?

       Stay up to date with all the exciting news and updates at Sunrise Orchards, your go-to destination for all things apples! We understand the importance of keeping our valued community informed, which is why we offer several channels to ensure you never miss out on the latest happenings.

       First and foremost, our website blog is your ultimate source for timely updates. We regularly refresh our blog with new content, providing you with the latest news.   Make sure to bookmark and visit frequently to stay in the know.

       In addition to our blog, we also maintain an active presence on Facebook at offers. While our Facebook page updates, we encourage you to check out our website blog for more frequent and comprehensive information. Connecting with us on Facebook is a great way to engage with our vibrant community and join in on discussions surrounding our love for everything apples.

       To ensure you never miss an important announcement or event, we highly recommend joining our mailing list. By signing up for our email updates, you'll be the first to receive exclusive updates, news and specials straight to your inbox. To join, simply visit

Additionally, our annual postcard mailer is another fantastic way to stay informed about upcoming events at Sunrise Orchards. Be sure to sign up to receive our postcard mailer and mark your calendar for our exciting activities throughout the year. To sign up, simply visit

       At Sunrise Orchards, we believe that staying connected with our community is paramount. With our website blog, Facebook page, email newsletters, and postcard mailer, you'll never miss a beat when it comes to all things apples. Join us today and be a part of the apple-loving community that drives Sunrise Orchards forward.

August 14 - October 31: 9am - 5pm DAILY
November 1 - December 21: 9am - 4pm DAILY (closed Thanksgiving Day) 
Last Day of Season: Dec 22nd  9 am – Noon
Senior Shopping: 8am - 9am DAILY
Retail Season 8/14/2022 - 12/22/2022
Online Store open 24/7 - 365 Days!

Gift Certificates Available 

Sunrise Orchards
48340 State Hwy 171
Gays Mills, WI 54631



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