Meet the Rave Apple!

Meet the Rave Apple!

Have you tried a Rave apple?

It’s our earliest apple at Sunrise Orchards. This especially juicy apple has a refreshing snappy zing as the result of crossing Honeycrisp and MonArk varieties. Rave has the Honeycrisp bite we all know and love with a sweet-tart flavor. Rave is only available a few weeks of each year and in limited supply. It’s a perfect late summer apple!

The best way to enjoy a Rave apple is to eat it raw, preferably cold eaten out of hand, in green salads, fruit salads or diced, sprinkled in waffles or pancakes. It pairs well with cheeses.

The Rave apple is more fragile than other varieties, which means it falls apart when cooked. It would make a good applesauce and because the skin of the Rave apple is thin and mild, there’s no need to peel it when cooking. It can be used in making desserts if the recipe doesn’t need the apple to stay in shape and where a creamier texture is desired.   We think you'll rave about our Rave apple!

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