Get Your Sunrise Famous Apple Cider Donuts - Plain or Sugared!

Get Your Sunrise Famous Apple Cider Donuts - Plain or Sugared!
Get Your Sunrise Famous Apple Cider Donuts - Plain or Sugared!

     Indulge in a delight like no other at Sunrise Orchards' Apple Corner Bakery. Step into our inviting retail building and let the delightful scent of our famous apple cider donuts whisk you away to a world of irresistible flavors.

     Crafted with care, our freshly made apple cider donuts are a true taste of indulgence. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, combining the natural sweetness of apples with the warm and comforting notes of cinnamon. A treat that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

     But it's not just about the taste – our donuts are also a feast for the eyes. Picture perfectly golden exteriors, gently dusted with sprinkle of cinnamon sugar or left plain. The tender, cake-like texture is a testament to the skill and passion of our staff, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite.

     Whether you're starting your day with a cup of hot coffee, or looking for a well-deserved afternoon pick-me-up, our apple cider donuts are the perfect accompaniment. Pair them with a refreshing glass of Sunrise Apple Cider or enjoy them on their own – the choice is yours.

     At Sunrise Orchards' Apple Corner Bakery, we take pride in creating unforgettable moments through our delicious treats. From our family to yours, we invite you to savor the enchanting aroma and taste of our apple cider donuts.

August 14 - October 31: 9am - 5pm DAILY
November 1 - December 21: 9am - 4pm DAILY (closed Thanksgiving Day) 
Last Day of Season: Dec 22nd  9 am – Noon
Senior Shopping: 8am - 9am DAILY
Retail Season 8/14/2022 - 12/22/2022
Online Store open 24/7 - 365 Days!

Gift Certificates Available 

Sunrise Orchards
48340 State Hwy 171
Gays Mills, WI 54631

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