What's in stock today?

What's in stock today?
What's in stock today?

Paulared, Rave and Dudley apples are in stock now!

Paulared Apples Best Uses:

It's a delicious sweet and slightly tart eating and cooking apple. Some folks say "its the best apple they have ever had!" Paulared is perfect for applesauce (requiring little to no sugar) as it breaks down quickly.  It's not ideal in pies unless you combine with firmer varieties and thickener.  

Rave Apples Best Uses:

This especially juicy apple has a refreshing snappy zing . Rave is best eaten raw, out of hand or in salads or added to pancakes.  Pairs well with cheeses. Rave is only available a few weeks of each year and in limited supply. It’s a perfect late summer apple! 

Dudley Apples Best Uses:

Dudley is best used for baking and sauces.  It's way too tart for most apple lovers to enjoy eating raw.  We recommend adding more sweetener to your recipes when baking with Dudley apples. 

Did you know that our bakery is one of the most popular ares in our retail store?

Our mouthwatering freshly made apple cider donuts will bring you back to Sunrise Orchards again and again.  Some say our donuts are legendary!   Enjoy hot apple cider or coffee while you shop. 

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AUG 15 - OCT 31: 9am - 5 pm     NOV 1 - DEC 22: 9am - 4 pm   ~  DEC 23: 9 am - Noon  ~ (Closed Thanksgiving)
Senior Shopping: 8am - 9am DAILY     Online Store open 24/7 - 365 Days!

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