Wiscon-Scenes: Relax - Tour our beautiful state from your favorite chair

Wiscon-Scenes: Relax - Tour our beautiful state from your favorite chair

When autumn weather cools, the bicycle pedaling gets easier. Or maybe it just seems that way, due to the brilliant tunnels of fall foliage that Wisconsinites get to ride through! 

More and more folks are enjoying fall this way, as tree-lined cycling trails continue to branch out in our state. It's now possible to ride paved woodland trails some 60 miles from Mercer in Iron County to St. Ger­ main in the heart of Vilas County.

But two-wheeling isn't the only way we can enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of the season.

While golfers scramble to get in their last rounds before the hard freeze, duck hunters welcome such weather, which so well suits their retrievers. Watching these faithful friends work is considered by many bird hunters as the best part of their sport.

Wild game makes marvelous table fare in fall, when it's time to get back to cooking with apples, pumpkins, cranberries, wild rice and more. The delicious list of seasonal foods is long thanks to growers here!

The flavor of fall is sure to come through to you in the pages ahead, as some of our state's best photographers share their latest seasonal views. So turn the page for a sample of the season in  Wisconsin the prettiest place of all come fall.

Black Squirrel Eating a PumpkinPUMPKIN PERCH. A black squirrel in Wis­consin Rapids found a snack, thanks to fallen seeds from a bird feeder hanging above. Eastern gray squirrels occasionally take on this dark melanistic coloration due to genetics.


Fall Bike Riding in Wisconsin
Honeycrisp Apples at Sunrise Orchards

THEM APPLES. There's a lot to like in a Honeycrisp apple freshly picked from the tree. Sunrise Orchards in Gays Mills grew these. The 100-year-old operation in the Driftless Region grows some 21 varieties of apples.

FUN FALL RIDE. Josh Buck of Appleton and daughter Josie enjoy a pleasant autumn spin through High Cliff State Park near Sherwood.

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