Apples!  Apples!  Apples!

Sunrise is your destination to buy fresh apples and cider in the fall.  We offer 23 delicious apple varieties throughout the season. 

Discover when our apple varieties are ready for sale, what’s sold out and their best use by visiting our website for these details.

With 23 apple varieties there’s something for everyone’s taste - for cooking, baking or eating fresh!

Sunrise Orchards Apple Cider 

A trip to Sunrise Orchards wouldn’t be complete without taking home a quart, half gallon, or gallon, of our fresh pressed delicious apple cider!  Pressed here at our Orchards, our apple cider is made from at least three varieties of our hand-picked apples.  Our customers tell us they can “taste the difference!”  Our cider is simple – it’s pressed apples from our orchards – no water or concentrate here.  We’re committed to giving you the best-tasting cider! 

Enjoy it cold, over ice, or drink it hot or mulled with spices.  Anyway you serve it, it’s smooth and delicious!  You’re sure to love it.

We offer two Sunrise Orchards Apple Cider options:

  • Award Winning Apple Cider and
  • Honeycrisp Apple Cider (in October only and with limited availability)

Apple Cider Slush

Enjoy a serving of our cold Sunrise Apple slushies, located next to the apple cider cooler in the Sunrise Apple Store.

Caramel Apples

Our caramel apples are hand-dipped in thick caramel and rolled in salted crushed nuts or plain.  Mouthwatering!  Take some home on your next visit!  We offer caramel apples beginning Labor Day and through October.  

The Queen’s Apple

What do you call apple slices with caramel, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top?  Fit for a Queen!  We call it the Queen’s Apple.  For a mouth-watering treat that’s irresistibly good, try one on your next visit to Sunrise!  Available on weekends during the height of the apple season. 

Candy Section

For a sweet treat, we carry an assortment of outstanding candy! They make great gifts!

  • Homemade local Amish candy varieties, some possibilities are cashew crunch, toffee, maple crème buns, peanut clusters, cashew clusters, peanut butter cup, tastie caramel and turtle candy.  Not all varieties are stocked at all times.  
  • In our candy counter we carry fall themed chocolates and fall themed confections.  


Take home the taste of Sunrise by stocking up our famous apple cider donuts, delicious gluten free cupcakes, and Sunrise Select Pumpkin and Carrot logs. Try our take-and-bake pies offered in many flavors, such as apple, fruit, and berry.  The options vary as we re-stock.  Enjoy your favorite frozen sweets all year long.