A Special Donut Featured this Donut Weekend Only!

A Special Donut Featured this Donut Weekend Only!

Welcome to Donut Weekend!  This weekend ONLY we're offering our apple cider donut featuring chopped Dudley apples that go in the batter.  It creates a delicious sweet and sour bite.   We'll also have our legendary Sunrise Orchards Apple Cider Donuts!   Take home a dozen or more.  They freeze well and taste great warmed up slightly.  You can also enjoy a warm donut to eat while you’re shopping.  Made fresh daily!

SALE! Buy one 18 pound box of Number 2 Grade McIntosh or Honeycrisp apples and get the SECOND box HALF price! 

WHAT'S IN STOCK?  You’ll find delicious these apples are in stock including: Dudley, Zestar!, Paulared, Wealthy, Gala, McIntosh, Cortland and Honeycrisp!  Plus, fresh cider, caramel apples, apple cider donuts, specialty foods and more!   Check out the current supply of apples and what's in stock:

Our delicious Queens Apple is available this weekend!  What do you call apple slices with caramel, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top? Fit for a Queen!  We call it the Queen’s Apple.  For a mouth-watering treat that’s irresistibly good, try one on your next visit to Sunrise!

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Bring your family out to enjoy Sunrise Orchards and our Sunrise Family Park. In addition to our scheduled events, children and their families may enjoy the Apple Corral swings, lawn bowling and the lawn checker board and more!   For the family pet, our dog walk park is a well-liked stop. 

There's something for everyone at Sunrise Orchards!    We look forward to seeing you soon!

NEWS: Stay up-to-date by visiting our interactive blog:   With our NEW interactive blog feature you can leave comments and reviews!  

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   Angie Killian
3 years ago

Can apple cider donuts be safely shipped to Florida?

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Angie, our apple cider donuts can be shipped safely to Florida!  Call us at 608-735-4645 to order.  

   tom klimesh
3 years ago

What do you put on the apples to make them shiny? Can you provide a breakdown of the substance? Is it FDA approved?

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Tom, we use Carnauba Palm Leaf wax (from the leaves of the carnauba palm) which is a natural, food grade edible coating, approved by the FDA.  The reasons that this edible coating is used is to: help keep the apples fresh; decrease moisture loss; serve as a lubricant to help prevent scarring issues, once the apples are on display in retail and wholesale markets. 

All waxes have to be approved as food grade and safe to eat, in order for them to be used.   Apple producers use so little wax that it is considered insignificant when compared to the fruits naturally occurring wax.  All fruit naturally has a unique external wax layer (the cuticle).  The way that the light reflects off the fruit, and not how much wax is on the fruit, determines how waxy the outer layer of the fruit looks.  Waxes mimic naturally occurring elements in produce.  Due to the loss of the external cuticle throughout handling, as well as additional benefits gained, edible coatings are commonly applied to fruits and vegetables after they  have been harvested.  


   Leora Mayhew
3 years ago

When I’d Honeycrisp cider available guess I came too early last year.

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Leora Honeycrisp cider came in stock this morning Sept. 13th.  Be sure to check our Apple Availability page on our website to see what is currently in stock.  Here, you'll see when our apple varieties and cider are ready for sale, sold out, and their best use, in this handy chart for up-to-date information.

When planning a trip to the orchard for a specific variety of apples, it is always best to call  608-735-4645 ahead to make sure they are available.

Thanks for coming out to Sunrise Orchards!





   BonnieJean Luder
3 years ago

Coming to see you folks on 9/23 from the SW part of MO. Looking forward to your HoneyCrisps & some quality visits with friends/school friends. “Wizzie” Wiswall

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Enjoy your travels and visit to Sunrise Orchards!


   Jackie Gesing
3 years ago

I was wondering what the price of a box of honeycrisp apple costs, and how many apples are approximately in a box. We missed coming last yr so I couldn't remember prices. I know we usually got seconds not the perfect ones?

Sunrise Orchard Response:

The number of the Honeycrisp number 2 grade apples in a box varies depending on the size.  We can only provide an estimate that there may be about 50 apples in the 18 pounds boxes.  For pricing, please call Sunrise at 608-735-4645.  At this time, the hours are 9am - 5 pm daily.  Also, call the orchard the day you plan your trip to confirm the Honeycrisp number 2 grade apples are in stock.  

We don't recommend coming to the orchard to buy number 2 grade apples on Mondays during our peak season (September 20-October 20). We always have a great supply of apple varieties but sometimes after a busy weekend our supply runs low.

Jackie, enjoy your trip to Sunrise Orchards!


   Peggy Novak
3 years ago

If I come on a weekday, do I still get in on the weekend deals ie: caramel apple weekend. I can only come Wednesday before.

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Thank you for your question Peggy.  Sunrise offers 18 weekend events throughout our season.  They are typically on a Saturday and Sunday.  Sometimes it may include a Friday. 

For caramel apple weekend for example, we'll be offering a jumbo caramel apple for sale that Saturday and Sunday while supplies last.  If there are any remaining you would be able to purchase them if you were here the following Wednesday.  They are very popular and most likely will sell out.  

Enjoy your next visit to Sunrise Orchards!


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