Honeycrisp Apples Are in Stock Today September 2, 2021!

Honeycrisp Apples Are in Stock Today September 2, 2021!

America's favorite apple - the Honeycrisp!  

Honeycrisp apples crisp texture makes them shine in raw preparations; eating out-of-hand, diced and added to coleslaw and chopped salads; or sliced thin and added to sandwiches and burgers.  They maintain their sweet flavor even when cooked.  Try baked into a crisp or pie.  Remove the skin and slow cook slices to make applesauce, preserves and apple butter.  Honeycrisp apples are great for eating, pie, sauce, baking, freezing, jelly, salads and pickling.  

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This weekend is our Labor Day Sale Sept. 4-6!

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1 Comment

   Diane Young
3 years ago

We are hoping to get a box of honey crisp seconds. Are they available this week?

Sunrise Orchard Response:

Yes, Diane!  Number 2 grade Honeycrisp will go in stock tomorrow morning September 9, 2021.



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