When Will My Favorite Apples Be In Stock?

When Will My Favorite Apples Be In Stock?

Discover when our apple varieties are ready for sale, sold out, and their best use, in this handy chart for up-to-date information.  Keep in mind that this chart shows approximate harvest dates.  The weather can play a very important part as to when the apples are picked.  When planning a trip to the orchard for a specific variety of apples, it is always best to call ahead to make sure they are available.

Sunrise Orchards is pleased to grow 21 different varieties of apples throughout the season. Our apples are grown for eating fresh, baking, freezing, or canning. With 21 apple varieties, there's something for everyone's taste!

 We're anticipating a great year for apples here at Sunrise Orchards. We forward to serving you this season!

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AUG 16 - OCT:  9 AM - 5 PM

NOV - DEC  23:  9 AM - 4 PM

Last Day of Season: Dec 23: 9 AM - NOON 


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