Sunrise Orchards in the Top Ten List for Our Legendary Apple Cider Donuts!

Sunrise Orchards in the Top Ten List for Our Legendary Apple Cider Donuts!

10 Best Apple Cider Doughnuts in Wisconsin!


For those looking to take a classic fall tradition up a notch, a list of Wisconsin's top 10 apple cider doughnut spots is the perfect way to do it. This list of stops from Beloit to Fish Creek will take you on an apple cider doughnut-filled trip!

Apple Hut, Beloit, WI

Apple Hut is for individuals in search of a decadent seasonal doughnut. Its apple cider doughnuts with diced spiced apples are more than suitable for confectionery fanatics. They are softly fried and dusted with a sugar dusting for the ultimate finish.

Sunrise Orchards, Inc., Gays Mills, WI

The place to go for all things apple-related is Sunrise Orchards, Inc. Their award-winning apple cider doughnuts won't let you down. People travel great distances to sample these iconic treats along with their massive local following.

Apple Holler, Sturtevant, WI

Apple Holler is the place to go if you love sweets. Their blond and bronzed apple cider doughnuts are infused with a mixture of sweet and spiced apples for a flavor unlike anything you've ever had. Taste the wonderful flavors of apples and cinnamon aplenty.

Apple Barn Orchard & Winery, Elkhorn, WI

Warm, freshly made doughnuts are an unrivaled Autumn tradition, and Apple Barn Orchard & Winery has them in abundance. Enjoy the delicate sugariness of hand-cut apples and special spices that come together to produce a bombastic flavor. These excellent apple cider doughnuts are essential to round off your stay.

Wood Orchard Market, Egg Harbor, WI

You should visit Wood Orchard Market to find something extraordinary. Apple cider doughnuts are everywhere! Warm, sweet, and spiced just so with the ideal symphony of sweetness and spice. These doughnuts are delightful to the taste buds because they are crunchy on the exterior and light and airy inside.

Awe's Apple Orchard LLC, Franklin, WI

Amazing apple cider doughnuts are a specialty of Awe's Apple Orchard LLC. Filled to the brim with nostalgic seasonal flavors they are the ticket to a world of culinary, confectionary happiness. Make your way to Franklin and try them out!

Ten Eyck Orchard, Brodhead, WI

The sweetest delight this side of October may be found at Ten Eyck Orchard. With the freshest apples and a special dusting of spices, a freshly prepared apple cider doughnut will kick off your fall celebrations. Ten Eyck Orchard is your new favorite place to go when you need to satisfy your sweet craving completely.

Maple Ridge Orchard, Cashton, WI

Apple cider doughnuts from Maple Ridge Orchard are a real treat. Customers will surely enjoy this flavor, with a flavor bomb of sweet and spicy apples inside and a lightly fried exterior. You'll appreciate stopping by to sample a cider doughnut.

Shihata's Orchard, Prairie du Chien, WI

Shihata's Orchard is the place to go if you're craving something sweet and pleasant. Their apple cider doughnuts are freshly baked with apples from the neighborhood, savory spices, and loads of passion. You'll want to get your hands on these premier delicacies.

Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery & Market, Fish Creek, WI

Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery & Market is a must-visit location for those with a sweet tooth. Thousands of people go from near and far to sample their exquisite apple cider doughnuts, which are popular locally. Each deliciously fried apple mouthful will fill your tongue with sweet and tart apples.

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