Sunrise Orchards is in the Top Ten List For Places to Get Apple Cider in Wisconsin!

Sunrise Orchards is in the Top Ten List For Places to Get Apple Cider in Wisconsin!


With the help of this list of first-rate Wisconsin cider mills, you can enjoy the sweet taste of nature and comforting spices in one drink. Take in the sights and intense flavors of the state as you sample the enchanting delicacy of apple cider as you go from Ellison Bay to Gays Mills. These 10 best cider mills will no doubt impress!

Sunrise Orchards, Inc., Gays Mills, WI

You may find Sunrise Orchards, Inc., a lovely sanctuary brimming with ultra-tasty apple cider. Good memories will undoubtedly be created, so take a lovely journey to Sunrise and surround yourself with cider. Visit Sunrise Orchards today to see why it's the best place to chill out with a cider drink.

Island Orchard Cider, Ellison Bay, WI

Pamper your palate with their celebrated cider. Topnotch ciders are produced by Island Orchard Cider in Ellison Bay, using apples that have just been gathered from their orchard on Washington Island. For a tasty hard cider and to enjoy the island vibes, stop by the taproom.

Maiden Rock Apples Winery & Cidery, Stockholm, WI

Various distinctive flavors at Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery will tempt you. Take in the crisp Wisconsin air as you sample their gluten-free hard ciders and wines crafted with local fruit. The goal of Maiden Rock Apples Winery & Cidery is to make enduring memories, so it is sure to surpass expectations.

Hammen Family Orchard & Winery, Bonduel, WI

Visit Hammen Family Orchard & Winery for a rural cider fix! With a glass of apple cider that has just been freshly pressed. Individuals keen to learn and produce their cider. Take it easy with a relaxing glass of cider.

Mershon's Cidery, Stoughton, WI

With Mershon's Cidery, try a drink jam-packed with flavor and spice. Their distinctive cider is produced with only fresh apples, leaving you craving more. Visit their tasting facility or purchase a bottle at a nearby store to savor a superior product unmatched by anything else. They promise that you won't be let down.

The Cider Farm, Madison, WI

Nature's wealth is transformed into a wonderful delight at The Cider Farm. Visit this quaint Wisconsin location to sample the fine ciders made from the organic abundance of the land that has been perfectly pressed. Enjoy the terroir's flavor for a truly remarkable fix of cider.

Brix Cider, Mount Horeb, WI

The place to go for cider and environment enthusiasts alike is Brix Cider. Taste the cherished treasure of the apples from Wisconsin combined with additional hand-picked ingredients to produce a scrumptious taste of the land. Enjoy something light and cooling that isn't excessively sweet. Come and taste Brix Cider's freshness.

Apple Barn Orchard & Winery, Elkhorn, WI

At Apple Barn Orchard & Winery, try the authentic flavor of the season! Stroll about the gorgeous property, and you'll have a newfound respect for cider production. Finish it off with a glass of excellent on-site apple cider. Don't forget to bring home a memorable, sweet memory.

Cache Cider, Milwaukee, WI

The first-ever cider in Milwaukee, Cache Cider is where loved ones gather and taste fine, hard ciders. Sample an assortment of single-varietal ciders that will please everyone's palate, whether you are a hard cider expert or are only beginning to learn about them. Discover why Milwaukee's cider scene revolves around Cache Cider.

1913 Kickapoo Orchard, Gays Mills, WI

Come sample terrific fermented cider from the juiciest apples plucked from the orchard at Kickapoo Orchard Cider House. Participate in tradition and savor each drink with a special fusion of artistry and cider sweetness. With the addition of artisan cider from Kickapoo, 1913 has never tasted better.

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Sunrise Orchards
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PET POLICY: No Pets Allowed Inside Our Retail Building Except Service Animals.  We have provided a designated area for walking dogs, the Sunrise Orchards Memorial Dog Walk Park. This park is located near the east end of the building and offers a safe enjoyable space for pets to stretch their legs and enjoy some outdoor time.  Cute and adorable puppies, as much as we love them, are not permitted inside our retail building due to state regulations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our pet policy.


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